Who invented YoWhatsApp? - Yo WhatsApp APK

 YoWhatsApp is a module module that improves and changes the traditional WhatsApp. Many additional features have been added to this application. It was developed based on WhatsApp's original source code, but adapted to users' needs.

Who invented YoWhatsApp? - Yo WhatsApp APK

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Like WhatsApp, it includes all the basic features such as messaging and calling, with additional editorial aspects such as limiting the size of sent files, protecting user privacy and app themes.

So many amazing features that users can't help but want to know the developers of the software. Yes, indeed, knowing its creator and its development history helps to understand the authenticity and reliability of the software. Here's the answer. Don't think about it too much.

Who invented YoWhatsApp?

YoWhatsApp was originally developed and launched by Yousef Al-Basha. The main purpose of YoWhatsApp is to add additional attributes to make YoWhatsApp more user-friendly and to stand out from WhatsApp. However, after some time, Yousef Al-Basha stopped updating the application. With permission from Yousef, Fouad Mokdad decided to continue developing the app in the future. It plans to release future YoWhatsApp updates. YoWhatsApp APK was also published by another developer, HeyMods.

All new versions will be updated on our website. The site can be bookmarked, so you can download YoWhatsApp APK anytime. Guys, it's time to take the service to the next level with WhatsApp's advanced features!

Here, we show you some of YoWhatsApp's quirky features:

Counter injunction

Using the WhatsApp module can cause your account to be restricted, but the latest version of YoWhatsApp does a good job of circumventing this drawback. This means that YoWhatsApp's anti-ban feature keeps you safe and protected.

Customize themes, fonts, and styles

The app offers more than 700 themes with a variety of font styles. Users can customize the interface by choosing different design styles according to their preferences. In addition, themes are automatically installed periodically based on name, date, and version.

Extending File Sharing

Users can now send files up to 1GB, which is a big improvement over WhatsApp's original 16MB capacity. Users can easily send video and audio files.

Hide Online Status

You can view the Recently Viewed status to know whether a contact is currently online or offline. Some users find it convenient, but others think it's important for data protection. Therefore, it is best to turn off your online status to protect your privacy.

If you turn off the "Recently" status in official WhatsApp, you will also not be able to see the online status of your contacts. Fortunately, YoWhatsApp has designed the update to hide only your own status, but in the meantime, you can see the status of others.


As we've already mentioned, Fouad is the new developer of  YoWhatsApp. Yousef stopped development for a variety of reasons. Well, users don't have to worry about that. Fouad is in charge of YoWhatsApp. More importantly, we will continue to keep you updated on developments here. About: YoWhatsApp offers gradually increasing thresholds, color changes and powerful security features.