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Why Is Music Important For Child Development

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Music plays a critical role in shaping the life of our kids. Music presents an important aspect of our culture like holidays, movies, television, worship, theatre government and celebrations. At our homes, it can become part of family culture and source of happiness.

Right from birth, parents use music to soothe and calm kids, to express joy and loves and to interact and engage. Below is the importance of music in the early development of kids.

Music aand brain

According to many empirical studies, music has been found to have some positive relationship with the overall development of the brain in kids. Musical experience in young ones helps to accelerate brain development. They gain exposure to things that are going on around the world and at the same time improving the articulation and understanding of different concepts around them. You can Read More Here


According to researchers, when kids listen to music, it boosts their mental organization system. This will go ahead to define their intelligence when they grow up. The first six months should be given priority in shaping the life of our kids musically.

Music games for children

Our children of all ages find it best to express themselves through musical sounds. Even the infants ones sway, move their hands or bounce in response to music. Sometimes they can even sing to themselves and play around.

When kids get to elementary school, they learn how to sing together as a group and also play musical instruments together. They dance to the music of their choice, from their favorite bands. Kids go-ahead to use music to share the love for one another and develop feelings. As a parent, try playing musical games with your kids and you will notice the big difference that will crop in.


Music is vital for the overall development of our kids. Kids should be given enough exposure to the music right from the infant stages.

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