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What Is The Difference Between Jiu Jitsu And Wrestling?

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Jiu Jitsu and wrestling are all combat sports. All of them are grappling styles. The difference between them is many compared to their similarities.

Legal moves

Jiu-Jitsu is a very violent grappling style; this is because it allows moves that can directly damage the joints. This move involves ankle locks, choking, and armbars.

But in wrestling, most of these moves are not approved, and if one performs them, then he may be disqualified or given a penalty.


Wrestlers avoid staying on their back as much as they can, while JJ athletes can fight effectively while lying flat on their backs. Wrestling involves shorter rounds while JJ invokes longer rounds. This, therefore, means that wrestling is normally first and aggressive while JJ provides its athletes with an opportunity to relax and conserve their energy until their opponents present an opportunity.


this website also has some differences in the fall and submission of these two. In wrestling, a fall can end the match, especially if the other opponents hold the other on the back for 3 seconds, while JJ involves total submission.

Competition age

School as well as university teams, young adults and youths can participate in wrestling. However, JJ only involves adults.

Weight classes

The games divide their competitions into weight classes. This will bring about fair competition and also reduce the risks of injuries. The weight classes of JJ conform to those of boxing while the weight classes of wrestling flow the NCAA guidelines.


If you want or get involved in any of these, you need to have the necessary training. This is because all the people involved in this have undergone thorough training, and going into these competitions without it may put your life at risk. Make sure that you the necessary attire while fighting as well. Every game should be practiced with care

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