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What has changed in the Society?

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Social change is inevitable, the social order of a society is out of our league, and this includes social institutions, social relations, social behaviors, and the nature.

There are two origins of where change comes from, the random or unique factors or the systematic factors. The unique or random factors that influences change includes the weather, the climate, and the specific influential people present in a crowd. Moreover, the systematic factors that brought change to the society are the needed requirements, resources, and social organization to build a developed society. Nonetheless, there will be no social change without the role of the systemic factors and the random factors.

One of the things that has changed in the society is the shift in global demographics. Today, the first world countries or the developed countries now holds the largest population.

Unlike before, men were only the ones accepted to have work and societal contributions. Today, the works and societal contributions have become gender equal. Since 20th century, both genders were seen to be great contributors to the societal change worldwide.

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