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In today’s society, there are a number of problems that has emerged. Social media has a big impact on the malfunctions of the society. An example of a societal problem that has emerged is violence. Any form of social media, and even the movie industry has depicted and in a way promoted violence. Humans have become inhumane because of their desire for power and material wealth. It has convinced us to live a life with standards. We believe that what we have will never be enough.

The society has become unaware of that it has took a toll on our attitude and conduct. As we all know, the society is our own product. We should take a stand to bring order, direction, and stability to the society. We should pay respect to the laws issued by the Government. Nonetheless, we should have the knowledge and self-dependence to support the society and the people in the society who needs help.

The world will be better if everyone will wholeheartedly contribute to society, and in no time, the society will payback its contribution to man.

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