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Society Trend: Today and Tomorrow

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Technology has become a decade advanced than us, this has become the result of how people are obsessed with efficiency and perfectionism. Although technology is a help to us, we cannot deny the fact that it also has a negative impact to our lives. Yes, we can multitask and have a round-the-clock assistance, but have you not thought any of its effects to humans? People have become anxious, restless, stressed, and have a work-life imbalance.

The advancement of technology has led the society to crave for more power. It has left people yearn for the past, today’s society is in the brink hole of tribalism, localization, and narcissism.

People are becoming more materialistic. People are working harder and longer than before because an increase in income gives them the power to buy the things they desire. However, the phrase ‘money cannot buy happiness’ still kicks them full swing. With materialism, humans have realized that happiness is a phenomenon that you have to find. They have started to realize that identities are not molded by the fortunes you consume and own. Spiritualism has lost its essence to the people because of the materialistic things. Politics, emerging technologies, and other societal changes are given attention than the people’s self-awareness.

The lack of happiness in people has led them to ineffective coping mechanisms. We are now subjected with societal standards that made us lose our individual authenticity. Facts are being twisted here and there. Now, people are into changing their physical features because of the societal standards the society has brought up. Some are living fake identities, they dye their hair, enlarge their breasts, fill their lips with Botox, and pretend their lives are happy.

Even the teens find their happiness in substances. Aside from getting drunk with alcohol, they are embracing marijuana. Instead of anticipating for the positive effect it will provide to our health, it has posed an increase in vehicle accidents.

Moreover, people does not embrace religion that much anymore. However, secular spiritualism beliefs like environmentalism and secular humanism is taking place.

People connect but lacks touch. Computers and cellphones have buried the people alive. We communicate but not in face-to-face, people now communicate through texts, messengers, Instagram, Twitter, and Facebook. In-person contacts declined because of the convenience of Skype, Facetime, and other software that allows video calls. It allows people to communicate, attend meetings or forums through their computers and phones, without getting caught on traffic.

But, even the advancement of computer and phones, the humanitarian issues are lesser addressed because of censorship. Freedom of speech should be uphold, but instead there is less free speech. There are issues that are subject to censorship like gender, redistribution, and race.

However, the societal trend is not all that bad. The sexual minorities’ rights are taken into light. People who were stigmatized because of their sexuality are now respected and accepted. Also, unlike before, the status of women are now relative to men.

What are other major societal trends that you have encountered?

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