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How Do I Condition My Body For Martial Arts?

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There are more to bodybuilding than lifting weights only as you can engage in martial arts style activities like Judo, Aikido, Qi, Karate, and Gong among other activities that build muscular strength. Learning martial arts comes with tremendous advantages because you get an opportunity to learn how to be a very spy on your feet.

Also, you learn how to focus yourself mentally and this article will teach you how to condition your body for martial art.

Working on your cardio

First things first, the best and easiest way to condition your body for martial arts is by working on your cardio. If you are hearing the word cardio for the first time, it simply means increasing the rate of oxygen absorption in your body. Martial art is expressed in physical movement which requires the use of muscles.


The muscles require oxygen for them to break down sugar (glucose) in your bloodstream to produce energy. If the level of oxygen absorption is high, your muscles will absorb more oxygen meaning that you’ll take advantage of more glucose. In other words, better cardio means that your body can hold more physical exercise and you won’t get out of breath. Make Google your friend and read more on what cardio is, its benefits and how often you can do it.

Relax and breathe

Many professional fighters breathe out as they strike and you can emulate them if you wish to condition your body for martial arts. Basically, relaxing and breathing is done for various reasons.

For instance, when you breathe out as you strike, you are encouraged to breathe in in-between strikes. Also, it helps you to hold your breath and most importantly, breathing out forces the power out.

Muscle conditioning

Karate kid

Another amazing way to condition your body for martial arts is to condition your muscles for them to excellently handle recurred stress of a fight. Therefore, you must have a strong core that will generate power, strong legs for easy locomotion, and well-conditioned arms and shoulders to throw punches. Well-conditioned muscles prevent you from experiencing muscle fatigue that can otherwise make things difficult for you.

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