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Best Universities in North Carolina

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Best Universities in North Carolina

North Carolina can be referred to as a state of higher education. This is because of the many colleges and universities that are located in North Carolina, ranging from complex research universities to short term professionalism colleges.

The huge number of north carolina universities offers a variety of courses and education programs that different students can pursue. At the same time the universities participate in various sports and due to rivalry and stiff competition has led to the production of competent sportsmen who has been a great asset to the nation as a whole.

Having that the admission period is almost coming this early 2019, it is good to know some of the best and highly ranked universities in North Carolina which you should give priority in your application process.

1. Duke University.

Duke University is a private university that is divided into ten different colleges which offer both the graduate courses and the undergraduate courses. Duke University has been ranked as the eighth best university in an undergraduate education program. It is located in suburban, has a total enrolment of about sixteen thousand students and also founded in religious affiliation.
Duke has gained its popularity due to the production of basketball legends.

2. University of North Carolina Chapel Hill.

The University of North Carolina is located in suburban in a land of seven hundred and twenty-nine acres, it is a public institution that has a total enrollment of about eighteen thousand undergraduate students, and its academic calendar is semester based.

The University of North Carolina is an old o=university as it was founded back in the 18th century, for this age factor it has ‘given birth’ to many colleges which offer graduate and undergraduate courses.

3. North Carolina state university Raleigh.

North Carolina state university is one of the biggest university offering four-year undergraduate courses, NC state is located in the state hence the name and was founded in 1887 and occupies a vast size of land of over 2000 acres.


The university operates with semester-based academic calendar and hence has quite affordable fees having that it is also a public university. NC State is highly preferred by most people regarding its positioning, the religious affiliation, active in different sports, and big range of courses and also the affordability of their fees.

4. University of North Carolina Charlotte.

This is a public university which is set in suburban, the university was founded in the year 1947 and has a total enrollment of twenty-three thousand nine hundred and fourteen undergraduate students. The university academic calendar is semester based, hence having quite affordable fees.

5. University of North Carolina Greensboro.

The institution is a public university with a total enrollment of about sixteen thousand and set in a land of two hundred and ten acres. Although the university was founded in the 19th century, it has been ranked among the best national universities in the whole state.

The list of best Universities in North Carolina can be quite longer than the above-listed universities, but when considering the university to join you should conduct a serious online research to point the university that meets your needs.

But generally you should understand that the higher education institutions in Carolina have been competing for a long period and this has made the universities to offer the best they can.

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