Dr. Robert Teranishi

APIACU Advisor

Associate Professor, New York University

New York, New York

Robert Teranishi is Associate Professor of Higher Education at New York University and Principal Investigator for The National Commission on Asian American and Pacific Islander Research in Education, a project funded by the College Board and USA Funds. He is also a faculty affiliate with The Steinhardt Institute for Higher Education Policy and a consultant for the Ford Foundation’s “Advancing Higher Education Access and Success” initiative. Prior to joining the faculty at NYU, Teranishi was a National Institute of Mental Health postdoctoral fellow at the W.E.B. DuBois Institute at the University of Pennsylvania,

Teranishi’s research is broadly focused on race, ethnicity, and the stratification of college opportunity. His work has been influential to federal, state, and institution policy related to college access and affordabiity. Teranishi has provided congressional testimony regarding the Higher Education Reauthorization Act and No Child Left Behind, informed state policy decisions related to selective college admissions, and his research has been solicited to inform U.S. Supreme Court decisions on affirmative action and school desegregation.

Teranishi is the recipient of the 2010 Martin Luther King, Jr. Faculty Award from NYU and was recently named one of the nation’s top “up-and-coming” leaders by Diverse Issues in Higher Education. His most recent book published by Teachers College Press is Asians in the Ivory Tower: Dilemmas of Racial Inequality in American Higher Education.